Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work in progress

Here are a few progress shots of a value study I did for my next painting. The glasses kept throwing me off, so I had to get rid of them to block in the eyes then paint the frame over. I didn't get a photo of the step following the last here, but she doesn't look as freaky now that she has eyebrows and more values in the face. Now that I'm looking at it again... I made her head too small. it's making her right hand look monstrous by comparison.

Oops, her head's a little... deflated.

 Aww she looks so friend...!

Bonus: A dead guy.

El Roommate-o wanted to get into the picture. Kinda wonder if her pose is supposed to be a comment on the lack of proper hands in my drawing...

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Did a lot of

in the apartment this past week. This is especially true after the dream where I got to hold a couple of kittens while being front row to watch Blind Guardian perform. 

But what was that about "posting open life drawings tomorrow?" Well, it's some day's tomorrow. Here's the past couple of drawings.

As you'll see by the 4 in the top right corner, this is attempt #4. It should have been wiped down to make #5 but there wasn't enough time. I think I'm pretty good at arms since it was the only part that consistently looked ok in each attempt.

I walked in late for this one because it was the club's cram night and I was taking care of other assignments. Near the model was a male musculature mannequin assuming the pose that Death here has. I was going to draw the bony hands in later, hence the note at the top, but I've since changed my mind. 
Oh, one final piece for the road. Since I'm currently enjoying wonderful, wonderful cups of coffee, here's one for you:

Mixed Media: Charcoal drawing with color added digitally.