Monday, February 20, 2012

"Lookie what I found!"

Well, I didn't, but whatever.
The image you're looking at is 4 layers thick. The underlying structural drawing is on regular Strathmore drawing pad paper. The actual value work is on mylar. I had issues getting the darks as dark as I wanted them so I had to go back in and add basic values to the paper. There was a lot of fixative involved and I wound up losing the bright whites on the stairs so I had to once again go through both layers with a white charcoal pencil. next I used black craft acrylic paint to add "Rush" and "2112" to the front cover. The track listing was done digitally. Well, with the amount of fixative that was used, maybe it's technically 5 layers...
This image is attempt # 3. 1 sucked so I brought 2 in or critique. It had issues and I didn't want to bother erasing it all so I just started over. Third times' the charm.

Every time I think of this album the Oracle segment get stuck in my head. I can't complain, it's a good one.

... So yeah. I'll scan an open life drawing in tomorrow.

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